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Meet The Team

Perris Force's strength not only comes from its current lineup but from our previous teammates. Perris Force wouldn't be the team it is today without the foundational commitment and strong flying skills of Sandra VanDerBilt and Lynn Mackinson. 

ShawnaRae Miliano

ShawnaRae is exuberantly passionate about giving back to the sport and is tirelessly driven to inspire others to pay-it-skyforward. 


She has 900+ jumps, 100+ hours of tunnel time and is the 2018 USPA National Skydiving 1st place Champion in Intermediate 4-way and the 2018 US Indoor National Skydiving 1st place 4-way Champion. She is also an ER nurse, an AFF-I, S&TA and currently represents the US Parachute Team as their Team Manager. When she isn’y busy training with Perris Force, you’ll find her coaching in the tunnel, hiking nearby trails or running a race, organizing and jumping out of a plane or picking up time at the hospital. Don’t be fooled, although she may be mini, she is surely mighty!  


ShawnaRae looks forward to joining the 2019 Perris Force line up as Point and invites you to join her in the sky!!

Christy Frikken

Christy is a world-class FS competitor and bigway organizer with over 13,000 jumps and 16 years in the sport.  She has competed with teams such as, SDC Rhythm XP and Perris Fury, and holds several world, national, and state records for largest all-female formations. Christy has been Perris Force’s outside center and coach since 2016.


"I believe if we provide more paths for women to be successful in the sport, it will create more instructors, teachers, leaders, organizers, and competitors. Providing more role models will help make skydiving an environment that is welcoming and respectful to all women skydivers."

Grace Katz

Grace started skydiving in 2008 and has done more than 4,000 jumps.  She is passionate about coaching and has organized at Skydive Perris for the last eight years.  While she was learning to skydive, she saw the 2009 Woman's World Record and the sisterhood she witnessed inspired her to pursue bigways.  Grace’s dream came true in 2013 when she helped set the Woman's World Sequential Record.  


Grace has now moved on to her new passion FS 4-way.  Grace has been with Perris Force since 2016 and flown as inside center. 


When she's not team training, you'll find Grace teaching AFF, coaching and load organizing with the Perris Organizers team.

Shannon Catalano

Shannon has been skydiving since 2013 and has accumulated over 1200 jumps.  She's kind of crazy about skydiving and is passionate about giving back to the sport that has given her so much! Shannon's second home is Skydive Perris, where she is a load organizer, an AFF instructor, and heads the post-AFF student coaching program. She also competes on the all woman 4way team Perris Force, flying tail.  When she's not training with her team Shannon coaches in the wind tunnel and in her free time thinks about skydiving.